About EM The Master

Known for her high-energy performances, poignant lyrics and unique theatricality, EM The Master is a performer, pianist, singer-songwriter, actress and activist from England, UK, currently based in Los Angeles.

Training in classical piano from the age of 3, EM was named a “prodigy” and “virtuoso” at a young age, receiving her first degree in classical piano aged 11, and her second aged 15. At 13, she was playing at the Royal Festival Hall, London, with world-renowned pianist Lang Lang.

EM attended an arts based high school – Sylvia Young Theatre School in London – with a desire to expand her training in another passion; acting. Musically, EM’s horizons expanded to singing, songwriting and an exploration of many genres. She then oscillated between music and drama for a number of years, eventually attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City for college, and receiving her acting degree.

Her mission grounded in brutal honesty, and a candid portrayal of the human experience, EM The Master hopes to share a message of abolishing shame, embracing humanity, and being fearlessly witnessed as she lives, journeys and grows.

A survivor of rape, EM’s debut EP, What I Want To Say To You, explored her feelings around this experience and was dedicated to sexual assault survivors. It received wide critical acclaim and was produced by GRAMMY-nominee, Bruce Witkin. EM was named “a rising music star” by Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. She later released REBORN, a concept album depicting EM’s journey of regaining strength, sexuality and power, largely through the healing power of music and creativity.

A Powerhouse Performer

EM The Master currently holds residencies at historic Harvelles Blues Club in LA, speakeasy The Red Door of Toluca Lake, and The End of South Bay. Her musical style is unique, due to her broad background, and incorporates elements of classical, rock, jazz, funk and theatre. Often compared to a modern-day Freddie Mercury meets Lady Gaga, she is currently recording two singles with Adrian Young of world-renowned band, No Doubt

“I am grateful for the opportunity to perform, to tell stories, and to rise from the ashes of my own demons and destruction. To encourage fun, healing, truth, laughter, growth, and exposing my humanity with a hope to eliminate shame and to encourage compassion. I am so excited to be able to share my message with a wider and wider audience.”


“The Master”? Maybe, if you know you can back it up. EM does and does it all, maybe like no one you’ve ever seen. Her original songs are excellent, the arrangements masterful, the band killer. She is a non-stop ball of frenetic but focused energy. She crawls across the stage and the floor gripping the mic. She doesn’t play the piano, she attacks it. She uses her voice as an instrument in creative ways to transform each number. Maybe the best 10 bucks you ever spent.” – Santa Monica Daily Press


“EM The Master joins artists such as Tori Amos and Lady Gaga in giving a voice to those who need it most.” – Hard Rock Cafe


“A rising music star.” – Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global