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BITE, EM The Master’s latest single, was produced by Moxy Brothers, consisting of double-GRAMMY winner, Adrian Young (No Doubt), and Todd Forman (Sublime).

A chronological follow up to EM’s previous work, BITE represents EM’s regaining of sexual nature, a primal and natural part of humanity. Her debut EP explored her experience with rape, while REBORN, her follow up album, explored the regaining of strength, sexuality and power. BITE demonstrates the next level of EM’s regaining of sexuality and freedom.

An advocate for sexual assault survivors, EM hopes this latest song will continue to show a journey of progression and hope, from a place which felt hopeless, towards refinding freedom, joy and primal instinct. 

BITE is also EM’s first release in two years, and is a testament to the sound and vibe she has created in her consistent live shows. The song successfully captures the intimacy and storytelling that audience members experience in a live setting with EM.

“I feel like this song is an introduction to who I am as an artist today, and the growth and change since my previous releases”.