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Music for Peace

Music For Peace is a homegrown, one-of-a-kind music healing service created by EM. Led by live improvised piano, Music For Peace aims to help release trapped emotions, process trauma, to relax and heal. Catered to the individual, the entire session is improvised, intuitively guided by the energy in the room and what EM can feel the client needs. With a pre-session consultation to explain your circumstances, Music For Peace can aid you in expressing deep pain, or simply allow you to relax for an hour to calming music. It is for you, in the moment. 


“The music I will play for you has never been played before, and will never be played again. It is yours. It is for you. Whether it is a stressful week, a difficult situation, or a serious trauma that has gone untouched, we all deserve peace and healing. 

But don’t worry! There are absolutely no rules here, and no expectations. There is no need to have an emotionally challenging session if you just want to relax. You may cry, scream, run, jump, you may fall asleep, you may do whatever you like! Even if you simply want to hear live peaceful piano while you write – there are no limitations here!

As a survivor of rape, among other traumas, I have experienced deep pain. I have also experienced the feeling of having nowhere to turn or not knowing what to do. I have created Music For Peace with the intention of helping others to find a safe space, to be able to express, to be able to be free, and to not be judged for whatever may come out.”


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“As someone who is on a journey of self-healing, the environment provided by Sophia and Em is extremely appreciated and needed.”

“I slept for 12 hours straight that night and it probably was the best sleep I’ve had in years.”

“It was cathartic. I cried a lot. I screamed. Made sounds of broken earth and water. I danced. All to the soundscape of an original piano composition that has never been played before and will never be played again.”

“It was cleansing. I left my session feeling like I had just spent the day at the spa. Got some demons out. Was finally able to feel and release the emotions I’ve been keeping locked inside.”

"I needed a serious mental break and what I got was an hour long honeymoon for my brain and soul."

EM The Master